10. Breathe...and Study Relaxed

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We hope to schedule this training course again in 2023-2024
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Course description

The training course for Period 5 - 2023 was cancelled.
We decided to organise two workshops instead "Breathe ... and Study relaxed on 1 May in Leeuwenborch and on 23 May in Forum

The moment you say you need some breathing space, often – unconsciously – you let out a deep sigh; as if your body is giving you permission to relax. Breathing techniques help you to experience more clarity and focus. Also, breathing right improves your sleep. Do you want more insight into the relationship between stress, tension and breathing? Do you want to learn to listen to your body? During this workshop, you will learn about how your breathing, emotions, thoughts, tension and relaxation are continuously influencing each other. Also we will focus on recognising daily signals from your body and how you can influence them during stressful situations.

Practical information:

Group size: Max. 20 participants
Language:  English
Cost: Free of charge; offered by Student Training & Support