04. Growth mindset - Masterclass Dr Martijn vd Spoel

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Tuesday 16 April 2024 17:00 18:15 Forum, Wageningen Campus Student Training & Support 1 / 100 Apply

Course description

The follow-up masterclasses by educational psychologist dr. Martijn van der Spoel are open to all WUR students! 

Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is a term coined by a psychologist called Carol Dweck, who explores how our thinking affects our ability to keep changing in new and challenging situations. It is not simply saying 'I can do it' but approaches a challenging situation with more careful thinking of progress and the steps to explore unpack it.  

This session looks at what she found and how you can apply this. 

This series is a follow-up on the masterclass 'Study Attitude' for 1st year BSc students, given at the start of the academic year.

These masterclasses will be given face-to-face on Wageningen Campus, location t.b.d. Dr. Martijn van der Spoel would like to point out that the sessions, because of the interactive nature and need for active learning, are not available online. (neither hybrid nor recorded).