90. Peer coaching

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Course description

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Do you feel lost when you have to prepare an exam or write a paper? Do you struggle with making a realistic schedule? Do you have difficulty understanding the (academic) structure of the university? And would you like to ask someone everything about all these student related issues? Who better to turn to than an experienced student peer! Peer coaching is a new initiative launched by WUR to connect students to a trained student to discuss any study-related questions.

The peer coach can help you with topics as planning, studying efficiently, and preparing for exams. Additionally, the coach can help you with understanding the Dutch higher education structure. Peer coaches receive an extensive training by Wageningen University.

The peer coaching trajectory consists of an intake interview and some follow-up sessions.

The project is meant for all students who want to discuss study-related issues informally. This will help to reduce stress and increase the enjoyment of your studies! 

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