2022 15 Nov - Autumn Blues? Walk-in-Evening

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...or are your 'blues' not necessarily seasonal-motivated and are you facing 'study-blues?'While studying offers opportunities it also comes with challenges, for some students even more so than for others. Are you experiencing issues throughout your study or in your student-life, and does it feel like you are the only one? Why not join our walk-in evening and meet other students who may be in a similar situation. Get in touch and talk about the struggles you face. Exchange experiences and tips. A host will guide the conversation and create a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

We welcome all students who feel in need of some extra support. 'Label' or no label, it doesn't matter, whether you have AD(H)D, ASS, depression or just feeling gloomy, a chronical disease, identity-crisis, anxiety, being high-sensitive or anything else that might prevent you from fully enjoying your student life.

Do you want to share experiences, find recognition and are you looking to enhance your study(life)? We are happy to invite you to join us and help us in shaping a supportive platform. As this is a walk-in event, there is no need to register. However, if you do register beforehand, we'll make sure a snack is available for you.