07. Note Taking - Masterclasses Dr Martijn vd Spoel

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Course description

The follow-up masterclasses by educational psychologist dr. Martijn van der Spoel are open to all WUR students!

Note Taking

The notes you take during a lecture are key building blocks in the overall learning process of an 'Active Learner'. For instance, we see that note takers are more focused during the lecture. Furthermore, your notes become an important foundation for future learning as you can go over them during your revision for an exam.

Needless to say, the clarity and structure of the notes highly influences its effectiveness. In this masterclass you will learn the techniques behind successful note taking and how you can apply them during your lectures (and reading) at the WUR.

These masterclasses will be given face-to-face on Wageningen Campus. Dr. Martijn van der Spoel would like to point out that the sessions, because of the interactive nature and need for active learning, are not available online. (neither hybrid nor recorded).