2021 The Secret of Sleep: an interactive pyjama session

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- Event in collaboration with Student Alliance Wageningen & Frisse Gedachtes -

“You can sleep when you’re dead”; ever used that expression? Are you that student that doesn’t hesitate to exchange a good night’s sleep for a few extra hours of study? Or one more episode of your favorite series? Then this event is for you!

Sleep, Stress & Study
Health psychologist Isabel van Schie (Slaapmakend sleeptherapists) introduces us to the secrets and benefits of sleeping well. Many students struggle maintain a healthy sleep rhythm. Improve your performance in studies, sports, and even your social life; sleep it, dream it, do it!

Debunk sleep myths
Together we will debunk some of the persistent myths about sleep. We explore our own sleeping habits, discover what we can improve, and challenge ourselves to change the ingrained habits that keep us awake.

Introduction “Science Of Sleep” platform
Student Alliance Wageningen (S.A.W.) launches the Science of Sleep platform with interesting links and articles to dive deeper into your sleep habits. Here you can also register for sleep deepening trainings.

The evening will be concluded with a sleep-inducing meditation, so get your best pyjamas ready and register now!