Workshop "Art of Living - Stay Inspired"

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Course description

Art of Living refers to the capability of leading a good life. A life-artist is someone who makes the most of it, given external conditions for existence.

In this workshop we adress life questions such as: What are good choices for me? How do I know what I want? What inspires me? How do I keep a balance between my social life and my studies? How do I become a happy person? How do I want to live?

Get to know yourself

What is it that makes your life beautiful and worth living? Why do you make the choices you make? To find the answers to these questions, it is important to do some soul searching and to get to know yourself better.

In this workshop you will work with your own biography, experiences and insights. You formulate a personal development question to help you identify your goals, values, strenghts and weaknesses. We will give you tips to continue to work on this after the workshop.

We will inspire you with practical exercises, individually and in small groups. Also there is be plenty of time for sharing ideas and mutual inspiration.

The workshopleaders will pay attention to a listening attitude, giving and receiving helpful, non-judgmental, feedback and you learn more about biographical reflection and the Art of Living.