16 Nov 2022 - Catch your Energy in Colour - Painting Workshop

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This course is not scheduled yet.

Course description

Evoke your energy and creativity with colour, wake up the artist within you. 

Colour is radiant energy that travels fast in waves. These visible reflections of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum evoke emotions. We experience some as calming, others as stimulating. As certain colours can alter your mood, it is believed to restore imbalances in energy. Blue may encourage a sense of calm, purple can invoke a tranquility that helps reduce stress. But yellow, its complementary colour, can also counteract stress and improve your mood. Artists know that colours influence each other too. They look for balance, intensity, expression. 

Even if you have not painted in years, this workshop is for you. Your hands will guide you: let colours flow, create smooth, subtle shades or vibrating combinations. Express feelings, an inner world, or just add some colour to it. It’s fun to do too.